5 Best Pub Event Ideas

A pub is a great place to hang out. However, over the past few years, the number of pubs in Bedfordshire has declined. Some pubs are still struggling to get enough customers. You can organise different pub events to attract more customers. Here are some ideas.

Quiz competitions

This event can be arranged very quickly without spending much money. You just need to have some great questions to ask. This event will bring out the competitive spirit in your customers. It will create a great atmosphere in the pub.

Celebrate special occasions

You can decorate your pub and offer special discounts on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and so on. You can also make a special meal for the occasion. Planning is needed for such a celebration.

Open mic nights

You need to set up a stage and have a PA system. Open mic nights can attract a diverse group of customers. More people will come to your pub just for having fun during the open mic nights.

Live music

You can have live music at the pub. You can invite the local bands or musicians to play at your pub and entertain the guests. Live music will attract many people to the pub. You need to have a stage and get sound equipment to give the customers the best experience.

Casino nights

Even if people play games in online casino sites offering online casino slots for UK players, they won’t miss out on the casino nights in pubs. You can have a night dedicated to gambling and arrange the equipment necessary for it.

These awesome event ideas will attract more people to the pub. They will have a fun time and also drink throughout the night.