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Bedfordshire is a beautiful place. The residents here are friendly, and lots of tourists visit the place during holidays and other seasons. The place is full of good pubs, and this gives people the chance to have a good time in the evening.

The pubs in Bedfordshire have a lot of good selection of drinks and food. You will easily find something that you will enjoy. Various events also take place here. You will know a great deal about the pubs here from this magazine.

We want our readers to have a better picture of the pubs in Bedfordshire, and so we are looking for writers to write for our magazine. If you know a lot about the pubs here and have been there, then you can share your experience with our readers. This will give them an idea about the pubs here, and they will feel interested in going there.

The articles must be related to pubs, the food and drink, and events. You can write about the menu and how pubs can improve it. You can also write about the events the pubs can organise for attracting more people.

Your articles will help people to visit good pubs in Bedfordshire. If someone is planning to open a pub here, then that person will also get a lot of related information here.

You must write in small paragraphs so that it is easy to read. The articles must be written in a friendly tone. Many readers have no experience visiting pubs, so try to avoid pub lingos. The title and opening paragraph must be catchy and interesting.

If you are interested, you can send your CV and a writing sample to us by email. We will go through it, and our team agrees we will ask you to write for us as a guest writer. For further information, please contact us by email.