Reasons It Is Better to Watch Football in Pubs Than at a Stadium

Are you fond of watching football games? The people of the UK are crazy about football. There is nothing like watching your favourite team play in a stadium. However, the tickets are very expensive, and the seats are limited too.

Often you may have to travel miles to watch a match. Instead, you can watch the game in a pub. Sometimes, the experience is even better than watching a football match in a stadium. Here are some reasons why you should watch the match in a pub.

Awesome views

Many pubs in Bedfordshire have a 150-inch HD screen TV. This huge screen shows every action on the field very clearly. You won’t miss any action here. Moreover, unlike in a stadium, you get to see replays of the goals or flashpoints.


You can drink all night at a reasonable price while watching football in a pub. Drinks are also served in the stadium but at a very high price. In a pub, you can get ice cold drinks within seconds and enjoy watching the game with your friends.

Great food

You can get delicious food at the pub. So, if you get hungry watching the game for hours, then you can grab your favourite food from the pub. You won’t have to move from your seat and miss any important action.


Watching football in a pub gives you the chance to socialise with others who also love watching football. It is much better than watching football sitting at home alone. You can make new friends at a pub.

Play slots

Though you may be playing slots online that provide impeccable customer support, playing slots in pubs is something different. You will have a lot of fun.

For these reasons, it is sometimes better to watch football in a pub than in a stadium. You will get similar excitement by spending less money.